Top 3 Reasons to Host Your Holiday Party Offsite


The beloved holiday party has been something many workplaces look forward to every year. The opportunity to have a little fun with the people you work with and show them how much you care is one that shouldn’t be missed.

While some of the most memorable holiday parties take place on company grounds, many find it worthwhile to switch up the atmosphere every once in a while. Hosting your company holiday party offsite holds major benefits. Here are our top three reasons to host your holiday party offsite:

1. Get Your Team Out of the Office

A top reason you should host your event away from the office is because it allows employees an immersive holiday experience with plenty of space to have a good time. While many people appreciate the twinkly lights and eggnog in the breakroom, there will always be those to-dos waiting for them at their desks. Being at work reminds you of all your pending tasks, and it can be hard to distance yourself from the day-to-day while trying to get in the mood to celebrate.

Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club compels people to leave their cubicles. Situated on 30 sprawling acres of woodlands, it’s an intimate setting to create a real-life winter wonderland, providing a stress-free backdrop for your employees to relax and enjoy the evening.


During the holiday season, our interior is decorated with gorgeous green wreaths, a cozy fireplace that can be decorated with warm candles and more. Outside, visitors can enjoy the pair of shimmering deer and mini Christmas trees. Guests will especially appreciate their drive leading to Oak Brook Bath and Tennis. There is nothing like the snow-covered trees and our wintery woodland view to get you in the festive mood. Our new heated pavers ensure everyone can walk in without getting snow on their boots.


2. Enhance the Employee Experience

The job market is booming, and employers are pulling out all the stops to keep their top talent. Don’t you think engaged employees are less likely to look for a new position elsewhere? One of the most effective ways to engage employees is to host fun events that celebrate their accomplishments, allowing them to take a step back and relax while creating more personal relationships with their coworkers.

A holiday party is an excellent way to say thank you for all the hard work your team has put in throughout the year. So why not elevate your seasonal experience this year and make them feel extra appreciated? There’s a very high likelihood that it will spark their enthusiasm to keep doing great work.

3. Simplify Your Holiday Planning Process

At the end of the day, those in charge of planning the company holiday party usually have other responsibilities to attend to as well. It can be difficult to balance the intricacies of planning a stellar holiday party while still ensuring sales targets are being met and clients are being taken care of.

That being said, hosting at an offsite venue like Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club ensures you have some professional guidance and support. Planning and executing memorable events is what we do literally every single day, and we love it.


Once an event is booked, an event specialist will work on each detail from start to finish. Not sure how to craft a festive menu that all palates will enjoy? Our exclusive caterer, Tasty Catering, specializes in creating custom menus for all sorts of dietary preferences. Don’t have the time or energy create a festive environment? Our new stock of holiday décor will transform the space into a winter wonderland to get your guests in the celebratory spirit in moments.

With our team concentrated on overall success and management, you can think of the fun add-ons for your employees, like raffles or games that will encourage comradery and joy throughout the event. One group set up casino tables and gave out chips with great prizes available for winners at the end of the party.

At the end of the day, Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club will naturally become a part of your team when executing a holiday party for your organization. We want your employees to feel appreciated while you enjoy a stress-free evening celebrating the major accomplishments that were achieved this year. Interested in discussing options and open dates for your company holiday party? Contact us online or give us a call at 630.368.6440.

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