5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Shower

Showers are a big deal. Whether you’re celebrating a new little bundle of joy or a couple joining together families, you want to ensure you’re throwing an event that will make your loved ones feel oh-so-special and deserving. It can be a tall order, but Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club can help you plan a gorgeous shower that won’t be forgotten. Here are our five tips for planning the ultimate shower:

Ejaz Kahn

Ejaz Kahn

 1 – Find the Ideal Setting

When planning any event, the venue is a critical piece of the puzzle. This is especially the case for a shower, as you’re creating an event with a light and happy vibe meant to celebrate the bride or mom-to-be. Search for a calming environment with plenty of natural light to let the sun shine on the guest of honor and unique details that will provide a backdrop everyone will want to photograph.

At Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club, the natural setting provides a peaceful ambiance that will make all guests feel at ease. The Pond Room and Clubhouse offer floor-to-ceiling windows, natural wood beams, impressive chandeliers and plenty of room for all your guests to spread out. In the warmer months, there’s a gorgeous outdoor patio and shaded terrace for everyone who likes to venture outdoors. 

2 – Craft a Fun Menu

One of the main highlights of any event is the food, right? Tasty Catering is the Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club’s exclusive caterer, who can help your menu dreams come to life. One of our recent favorites is a mimosa bar (complete with bubbly water for the mom-to-be). For a culinary experience like this, we can set up with all the perfect décor to get your guests in the mood! Bite-size quiche varieties, a waffle bar or mac and cheese bars are all favorites as well—anything that gets your guests moving and creating their own culinary masterpieces.


3 – Think About the Timeline

Not everyone who plans a shower is an event planning expert, and that’s okay! Luckily, our planners are well-versed with planning and are here to help with any of the details of the day, especially creating a timeline with a natural flow. Here’s just an example of a timeline to keep the day on track:

-       Set up any last-minute décor items and prepare for your guests to arrive: 11:00 – 11:30 a.m.

-       Welcome guests, light bites and mingling: 11:30 – 12:30 p.m.

-       Lunch, brunch, desserts: 12:30 – 1:30 p.m..

 4 – It’s All About the Activities

Don’t forget fun games! Everyone loves a good game that you can slide seamlessly into the event. Some favorites include:

-       Gift bingo – create a bingo card with gifts that are on the registry and grab a few gifts for the winners

-       Bridal or Baby Libs – inspired by Mad Libs, you can find tons of templates online to create an event-themed version to get your guest of honor laughing.

 It’s all about helping your special bride- or mom-to-be through the potentially stressful moments involved with planning a wedding or welcoming a new baby.


5 – Pick the Perfect Time

Time of day is key! Unlike most other celebrations, bridal and baby showers are usually daytime events. If you have people traveling from out of town, a Sunday brunch shower is perfect because they’ll have time to hit the road after and visit with friends and family on Saturday when they get in. The best part about a Sunday shower? You can usually get some great discounts for booking events. Ask us about any of our great deals for Sunday afternoon showers.

 There you have it! Follow these tips and call our team at Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club to let the experts help you plan the perfect shower.

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